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Afton-Lakeland Grade 5 Supply List

Afton-Lakeland Grade 5 Supply List

Mr. DeRuyck, Mr. Kostynick and Mrs. Reedy

Please bring the following supplies to your Ready, Set, Go conference or on your first day of school:

• 1 box colored pencils

• 1 box Crayola markers

• 50-#2 pencils labeled with initials near eraser (keep resupplying during year)

• 5 red ballpoint pens

• 2 highlighters

• 1 large glue stick

• 1 pair of sharp scissors (adult sized)

• 5 plastic double pocket folders (1 each of red, yellow, green, blue, and 1 any color other than above)

• 6 wide-line single subject spiral notebooks (1 each of red, yellow, blue and green and 1 color other than above)

• 1 package of loose-leaf notebook paper

• 1 box of tissues

• 1 Composition notebook (wide-line, any color)

• Personal pencil sharpener

• Roll of clear, scotch tape refill

• Black permanent marker (sharpie brand)

• Noise canceling headphones (muff-style) or earbuds. These are not shared.

Wish List:

• dry erase markers

• multi-colored sharpies

• sanitizer wipes

*Please have every pencil, folder, notebook, marker, glue stick, colored pencil and highlighter LABELED with your child's name.  We recommend having your 5th grader use one of their sharpies to do so.  Thank you!

*Printable Version of 5th Grade Supply List

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In Other News

Staff members getting slime poured on them

Thank you to Mrs. Doe and Mrs. Foua for being such great sports!